Sicuro Group

Company Overview

Founded in 2005, Sicuro is a British owned and managed specialist provider of location-based services and solutions, VSAT, specialist radio and satellite communications and related risk management services, integrations and solutions. Sicuro is headquartered in Dubai with operations in London, Kabul, Baghdad and Tripoli in support of clients in the United Kingdom, Africa, the Middle East, South and Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Sicuro’s client base includes governments and NGOs, oil and gas companies, logistic companies, private security firms, maritime users, vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators, with over 19,000 devices having been supplied. Sicuro has long-standing agreements in place with a wide range of international equipment and airtime suppliers, including Honeywell, Iridium, Inmarsat and others.

Sicuro provides 24/7 in-country support from local national technical experts, information consultants and ex-patriots with English proficiency and advanced training in mechanical and electrical services. Sicuro offers installation and training services for both tracking devices and SicuroTrack software, and supports clients from forward-based command and control centres with on-demand crisis management and troubleshooting services.

As a leading tracking provider in remote and hostile environments, Sicuro offers clients extensive information services (SicuroIMS) designed to maximise situation awareness in terms of IED activity, live fire incidents, route security, checkpoint activity and major government announcements that could affect operational planning and the safety and security of personnel. When clients choose to work with Sicuro, they are choosing a comprehensive system of support that will maximise the efficiency, security and reliability of their personnel, vehicles and assets.