Sicuro Group

Inmarsat Fleet and Cargo Tracking

Sicuro’s In-Transit Visibility (ITV) and fleet monitoring solutions are currently used by both commercial and government logistics users as well as shipping owners. Sicuro is a major tracking provider for NATO, US Government and government security forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.

Sicuro's satellite-based location tracking and engine diagnostics provides the tools necessary to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, proactively manage fleet maintenance, monitor driver performance and increase bottom line profit. Typical benefits that personnel or fleets can expect to obtain by adopting Sicuro's asset location tracking and engine analytics are:


  • Dispatching efficiency, driver productivity and fleet performance
  • Customer satisfaction with improved visibility & decision making tools for dispatch and operations
  • Fleet and driver security
  • Equipment utilisation by allocating trucks that are in close proximity to where they are needed
  • Driver productivity and route selection enhancement
  • Customer acquisition by providing better customer service
  • Revenue and profit due to better management of resources


  • Fuel consumption through better monitoring of driver and equipment performance
  • Out of route miles and empty miles
  • Communication costs by eliminating driver call checks
  • Insurance rates and claims with asset security
  • Equipment wear and tear with improved maintenance to increase life of equipment


  • Duty of care (mitigation measure to both corporate homicide and corporate manslaughter legislation)
  • Demonstration of duties of care, as may be required by law or regulation
  • Employee and equipment productivity
  • Visibility of those in hostile environments, offering peace of mind to the device carrier
  • Dispatch, operations and maintenance efficiency and performance
  • On time delivery and other key performance indicators due to overall improvement in fleet management

Risk Management and Tracking Solution

While Sicuro uses the latest technology in GPS/GLONASS/A-GPS tracking products for locating and monitoring assets and personnel, it is the management platform, SicuroTrack which has allowed Sicuro to become a market leading asset tracking provider. As a device agnostic platform, SicuroTrack provides total asset visibility, meaning that an executive with a Smart Tracker-equipped smartphone, a vehicle equipped with a dual mode GPS/GPRS and satellite tracking modem and a truck equipped with a Inmarsat satellite terminal can all be visualised, monitored and communicated with simultaneously on the same platform. As a result, Sicuro’s clients are well-positioned to seamlessly manage the transport, delivery and verification needed to confidently deliver large volumes and manage complex movements.


Several Sicuro supplied devices and solutions are fully compliant with the in-transit visibility equipment transmitting and reporting requirements specified for major military contracts. These systems are compatible and capable of integrating with military viewing platforms including but not limited to:

  • Battle Command Sustainment Support System (BCS3) - US Government
  • Coalition Reception, Staging, and Onward Movement (CORSOM) - NATO
  • Effective Visible Execution (EVE) - NATO
  • Integrated Road/Rail Information System (iRRIS) - US Government
  • Integrated Surface Deployment Data Cleansing Tool (iSDDC) - US Government
  • Transportation Coordinator’s Automated Information for Movement System (TC-AIMS) - US Government