Sicuro Group

In Vehicle Management Systems

Sicuro offers the most advanced suite of IVMS solutions on the market today, allowing clients to choose from a diverse selection optimised for their specific industry or set of requirements. Each Sicuro IVMS solution provides total visibility, with a selection of features that allow for signal efficiency between urban and remote environments, compatibility with a range of sensors and customisable alert engines with remote programming capability.

By communicating with the SicuroTrack management platform, each Sicuro IVMS solution has the ability to constantly monitor vehicle and driver behaviour and receive continuous data feedback which can be exported automatically to produce reports. Sicuro’s devices and management platform are designed specifically for use in areas of low internet bandwidth.

Of particular note, some of Sicuro’s IVMS solutions are “Shell Oil compliant” and have enjoyed substantial success with the Iraqi and Libyan energy sector, making Sicuro’s IVMS solutions the system of choice for international oil companies and their service providers. Sicuro’s dual mode IVMS systems have performed well in these environments where a combination of cellular and satellite connectivity is needed for efficient and reliable tracking.

To ensure client satisfaction, Sicuro has offices across the region staffed with technicians available for installation work. If needed, Sicuro deploys technicians for in-country installations, and has experience conducting "train the trainer" programs to efficiently handle large volume installations.

To view Sicuro’s full catalogue of IVMS solutions or to request an initial consultation, please contact to request an initial consultation and receive a copy of our full catalogue of personnel tracking solutions.