Sicuro Group


Data Monitoring: Sicuro’s data integrity services ensure that data feeds from our satellite and terrestrial carriers are uninterrupted, alerts are delivered timeously and that the SicuroTrack platform is functioning correctly. Of particular importance, Sicuro’s technical team monitors feeds to third party government platforms to ensure that data flows are constant. Sicuro’s technical team performs sample checking of alerts and continuously monitors the system to quickly identify and solve any systemic problems.

Fall Back Monitoring: Sicuro provides limited fall back monitoring to clients for up to 24 hours for free. These services include the tracking of assets and the reporting of panic alerts. When clients so require, Sicuro and clients may define a SLA that goes beyond our free fall back monitoring service.

Primary Monitoring: Sicuro’s primary monitoring services include the handling of panic alerts whereby the SicuroTrack platform is monitored for panic alerts 24/7, any incidents are reported to a client’s emergency point of contact in accordance with an agreed protocol. In addition, aspects of SicuroTrack are managed on behalf of clients, including uploading points of interest and aspects of device and fleet management.

Journey Management: This service encompasses the processing of client itineraries, uploading of journey data such as waypoints, checkpoints and geo-fences onto SicuroTrack and monitoring throughout the course of a journey in accordance with an agreed protocol.

Contract Compliance: When clients are required to provide telematic data feeds as a contractual requirement, they may delegate this responsibility to Sicuro in accordance with an agreed protocol and SLA. Examples of such contracts include USC7 and NAT contracts in Afghanistan.

Outsourced Operations Centre Solutions: Sicuro establishes, manages and runs operations centres for clients, including the hiring and training of staff, the provision and maintenance of infrastructure and equipment and the implementation of management systems and protocols.


Sicuro sends dedicated teams to clients to install equipment, including tracking devices, VSAT systems, radios and radio infrastructure and other hardware.


Sicuro’s training services cover the basic operation of SicuroTrack, as well as the configuration, installation, and operation of equipment. Sicuro sends its training teams to location across the world and delivers both end-user and “train the trainer” training.

Systems Integration

Sicuro assists in the integration of client-specific equipment and systems and their associated data with SicuroTrack.