Sicuro Group

The Management Team

Scott Wilcox, CEO

Sicuro Group

Scott is a former Royal Marines Commando. Scott trained for amphibious, mountain, arctic, desert and jungle warfare, and saw service in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, West Africa, the Middle East and South Central Asia, including Afghanistan. In recognition of his exceptional abilities and contribution on operations, he was selected for early promotion and advanced leadership training.

Scott’s commercial experience includes working as a security advisor and consultant to large corporations such as Bloomberg, Visa and DP World. Scott established Sicuro in 2005 and developed it from a small start up to one of the most successful boutique technical communications and logistics companies operating from the Middle East.

Chris Oldfield, Managing Director

Sicuro Group

After Sandhurst, Chris Oldfield spent a few years in the British and Omani armies. During his early business career, Chris worked with Plessey (electronics, FTSE 100) and as general manager of a large diversified business in Riyadh. Following business school, he spent more than ten years building and leading a financial and consultancy services business with operations in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

In 2005 he returned to the Middle East.In 2007, following two years of involvement with Habtoor Group and other businesses, he was appointed Group Managing Director of Habtoor and restructured aspects of the business. Since 2009, he has been involved with business in the Middle East and elsewhere. In 2011 he joined Sicuro as Managing Director.

Jonathan Hart, Country Manager, Iraq

Sicuro Group

Jonathan served as a Royal Marines Commando with the Fleet Protection Group where he was selected to join a specialised assault team for maritime interdiction operations. Upon leaving the Royal Marines, Jonathan worked as a manager for a UK security consultancy.

Since 2010, Jonathan has been a key member of Sicuro’s development and operations team, and has been developing aspects of Sicuro’s business in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. In 2015 Jonathan was appointed as Sicuro’s country manger of Iraq, working with government clients such as USAID, as well as a number of major oil and gas, logistics and security companies.

Will Bonner, Development and Operations Manager

Sicuro Group

Will is a former captain in the British Army’s Intelligence Corps and has led military intelligence teams in Afghanistan, the USA and the UK. Commissioned from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Will has in-depth expertise in security management in both the public and private sectors. After completing his service in the Army, Will continued to develop his security and crisis management skills commercially by developing risk mitigation policies for a major FTSE 100 financial services company.

Will joined Sicuro in 2013 focusing on expanding business and managing operations in the Middle East and Africa.

Aldrin Casillan, Technical Support Manager

Sicuro Group

Aldrin is a board certified electronics communications engineer and holds a BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the University of Santo Tomas. Aldrin began his career working with several major telecommunications companies where he designed and configured network infrastructure, provided remote and on-site troubleshooting services and supervised teams of junior engineers. During this time, Aldrin co-designed and implemented the Philippine National Police’s wireless CCTV metro wide surveillance system as well as the Philippine’s first Wifi information highway.

Since joining Sicuro, Aldrin has become an expert in the operation, integration and maintenance of Sicuro’s suite of tracking and communications technology, and has successfully completed numerous training and installation projects abroad in Libya and Afghanistan. Aldrin now serves as a Technical Support Manager at Sicuro’s Dubai headquarters.

Jack Rooney, SicuroIMS Manager

Sicuro Group

Jack manages the production, marketing and distribution of SicuroIMS daily security reports, political risk assessments and incident mapping platform, in addition to the marketing of Sicuro’s tracking devices and solutions. Jack graduated from Wesleyan University in 2007 before moving to the Czech Republic where he worked for a respected international affairs journal publishing on major security issues including NATO cooperation in Eastern Europe, insurgencies and terrorist groups in South Asia, and energy geopolitics and infrastructure development across South and Central Asia. Jack completed his master’s degree in Middle East and Central Asian Security Studies at the University of St Andrews before joining Sicuro in 2011, first as an analyst covering the Syrian uprising and now as manager .

Elexer Palko-Schraa, SicuroIMS Manager

Sicuro Group

Elexer holds a masters degree from the University of St. Andrews where he studied Middle East and Central Asian Security Studies. He received the US government’s Boren Scholarship for the study of Arabic in 2008 and has travelled extensively in the Middle East and North Africa, resulting in more than a year of on the ground experience in the region. During his time in the Middle East he worked for Stars Orbit Consultants as a report writer analysing UN and NGO development and democracy promotion projects in Iraq. Elexer has worked for Sicuro since 2013 and joined the SicuroIMS team full time in 2014 as the senior Iraq analyst for the service.

Polina Shulyatova, SicuroIMS Manager

Sicuro Group

Polina has a BA in Business Administration from the Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia. Polina began her professional career in the USA where she held sales support roles in the retail and education industries before moving to Dubai in 2014.

During her time in Dubai, Polina has gained valuable experience of delivering proposals and projects to clients in difficult and challenging environments. Polina began working for an Afghani logistics and maintenance government contractor as a business development analyst and also spent some time living in Kabul. In 2015, Polina joined the SicuroIMS Dubai team to manage existing subscriptions,expand new business and develop SicuroIMS services.

Charis Moorfield, Manager

Sicuro Group

Charis grew up in the Middle East, has a background in business, retail and marketing and holds a BSc in Business Management. After graduating, Charis began working for an international e-commerce company, first based in finance and then later in marketing, content production and communications, eventually becoming a department manager.

Charis has been handling the marketing, content and communications of Sicuro since 2012, she is currently studying for a CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing. Charis works closely with Scott Wilcox, Sicuro’s CEO to manage select projects and assist with organisation and planning.

Jerrny Manalang, Accounting Manager

Sicuro Group

Jerrny is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a BSc in Accountancy from Holy Angel University in Pampanga, the Philippines. Jerrny began his career as a financial analyst for Accenture before relocating to Dubai where he worked as an accountant for an international engineering firm. Jerrny joined Sicuro’s accounts team in 2013, based in Sicuro’s Dubai headquarters. Jerrny has continued with his professional development in the UAE by regularly attending training seminars.

John Tiamzon, Accountant

Sicuro Group

John is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Tarlac State University in the Philippines. John has experience in accounting roles with Sony and IBM in the Philippines before joining Sicuro’s accounts team in 2014. John regularly attends workshops and training programmes to continue his professional development in accounting and finance.

Kent Sabejon, Accountant

Sicuro Group

Kent is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Xavier Univeristy in Ateneo de Cagayan, the Philippines. Kent previously spent two years as a fund accounting specialist at JP Morgan in the Philippines before moving to Dubai and joining the Sicuro team in 2015.

Reynan Tagayong, Accountant

Sicuro Group

Reynan is a Certified Public Accountant and holds a BSc in Accountancy from Cagayan de Oro College, Philippines. Reynan has experience in audit processes and reporting throughout his time working for BDO, the 5th largest accounting firm in the Philippines. Reynan joined Sicuro’s Accounts team in 2015 based in their Dubai HQ.

Whymee Padero, Office Manager

Sicuro Group

Whymee is Sicuro’s Office Manager, responsible for logistics administration, managing the company’s human resources and assisting Sicuro executives in scheduling and planning. Whymee holds a BA in Business Administration from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and has years of experience as an office administrator and executive assistant in the UAE, during which time she has developed substantial knowledge of UAE laws and regulations. Whymee works with Sicuro’s various suppliers in coordinating the logistics of all Sicuro product shipments, and has built strong working relationships with the company’s numerous partners.