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Personnel Tracking

Whether you’re an executive traveling to an underdeveloped region, a security team operating in a hostile urban environment or an NGO worker trying to navigate to remote villages, Sicuro has the right combination of technical expertise and operational experience to understand the needs of its clients and match them with the best solution for their work.

Today's global businesses and organisations must be prepared to operate in challenging environments where the uninterrupted communication with and tracking of staff is essential for ensuring operational efficiency and effective contingency planning. By establishing full visibility of your team’s location and their proximity to one another, premises, vehicles and other points of interest, operations managers are better positioned to coordinate and direct responses to whatever situation may arise.

Operations managers can visualize the status, location and directly communicate with and respond to team members on Sicuro’s web-based C4i management platform, SicuroTrack. This platform is uniquely designed to integrate both cellular and satellite tracking devices, and as a result, Sicuro is able to offer an unparalleled range of personnel tracking solutions for its clients.



Sicuro offers a range of personnel tracking solutions which utilise cellular networks for maximum cost efficiency. One of Sicuro’s most popular cellular tracking solutions is its smartphone tracking application, Smart Tracker, which was one of the first of its kind, and continues to lead the market in integrating with the latest releases of iOS, Android and BlackBerry operating systems. Smart Tracker is Apple-approved and can be downloaded from the Mac App store, and requires no formal training for operation. A discreet and cost-effective solution, Smart Tracker allows clients to utilise their smartphone’s internal GPS and surrounding cellular and wireless networks to create a personnel tracking solution capable of one click location reports, two-way messaging, panic alerts and image geo-tagging.



Sicuro’s satellite personnel tracking solutions operate on the Iridium constellation to ensure connectivity in some of the most remote parts of the globe. At the forefront of Sicuro’s satellite personnel tracking catalogue is the Axtaris family of devices, which offer clients a simple and reliable tracking solution ideal for remote workers and security personnel. The Axtaris utilises Iridium’s short burst data (SBD) service to provide location information determined by a GPS receiver, two-way inbound and outbound status updates, encrypted text messaging and emergency alert notifications. The Axtaris is specially designed for ultra-low power consumption, has an easy to navigate interface, and has two alternative designs with quick touch-screen messaging and detachable antenna to facilitate in-vehicle tracking.

While many tracking providers push a “one size fits all” device, Sicuro listens closely to each of its clients to ensure they are equipped with the right tracking solution to meet their specific operational, budgetary and situational requirements. Please contact Sicuro at to request an initial consultation and receive a copy of our full catalogue of personnel tracking solutions.