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Our Platform

Sicuro is a specialist provider of satellite and cellular tracking solutions, backed by its industry-leading C4i asset tracking and management platform, SicuroTrack. With SicuroTrack, clients can manage a complete range of satellite, cellular and hybrid solutions on the same platform, allowing for complex operations involving people, vehicles and cargo to be monitored and managed with maximum efficiency.

SicuroTrack is a web-based platform, providing clients the flexibility to manage their assets from any location with a network connection (compatible with Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari), while its 256-bit encryption ensures that client data is protected with military grade security. SicuroTrack is available in nine languages and is highly configurable so that the platform can meet the needs of Sicuro’s wide range of users, which include independent contractors, international oil and gas companies and those working in support of the United States Government and NATO, as well as governments, militaries and police forces throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia.

Google Maps serves as SicuroTrack’s default mapping interface, which is fully integrated to display the most up-to-date information for roads, landmarks and various points of interest. To facilitate uninterrupted usage in low bandwidth areas, however, clients may choose from up to 6 different mapping options of varying complexity.

Sicuro Group

Journey, IVMS and Fleet Management

SicuroTrack’s functionality is comprehensive, providing managers all the tools and capabilities needed for successfully tracking and managing assets in a variety of industries. SicuroTrack also provides superior data import and export capabilities, making the incorporation of the platform’s data into alternative business systems simple and straightforward.

  • For journey management, SicuroTrack allows for the creation of geo-fences on select routes, the establishment of waypoints, the listing of vehicle occupants and the establishment of proximity alerts to sensitive or critical locations. The alert mechanism allows the system to generate SMS, email or both types of message to nominated recipients. SicuroTrack is able to seamlessly integrate KML, KMZ and GIB overlays into its mapping system, giving users the flexibility to route plan outside of the system.
  • For IVMS operations, SicuroTrack records data such as safety belt usage, aggressive driving, speeding violations and fuel consumption using a variety of device sensors integrated into the vehicle itself and/or its CAN bus control unit. Any number of reports can be generated in Excel, CSV or HTML from the SicuroTrack platform, ranging from the operational integrity of the vehicle to a comprehensive driver behaviour profile.
  • For fleet management, SicuroTrack allows managers to send and receive messages, administer user accounts, adapt device information and change report frequency. Owing to the extensive data capture from the devices themselves, SicuroTrack is able to display through events and status tabs a wealth of management information to give fleet managers intimate knowledge of the vehicle fleets and their drivers.