Sicuro Group

Libya - IVMS

Sicuro GroupBrief: An international oil and gas company reestablishing operations in Libya after the revolution needed a range of tracking and communications solutions appropriate for the urban sprawl of Libya’s coastal cities extending out to the remote desert regions of the interior where cellular networks become unreliable.

Solution: Despite the challenges of Libya's terrestrial networks, Sicuro Group is able to provide effective low cost tracking solutions using Smart Phone applications in places like Tripoli. Sicuro has recently installed a UHF Hytera radio system for a major international oil company, whose fleet of vehicles consistently travels the length and breadth of Tripoli and its suburbs. The dual system (Satellite & GSM) In Vehicle Management System (Diablo IVMS) is having success with fleet managers who utilise the many driver safety features of this device in their efforts to combat the hazardous driving conditions found on the streets of the city. Equally the Diablo device switches seamlessly from GSM to satellite monitoring, as journeys extend out from the urban environment into the more remote areas of the region. Sicuro is able to provide a number of satellite devices to tackle the challenges of oil exploration sites in the harsh desert regions for both vehicle and personnel, while having their drilling rigs and fly camps permanently marked on the SicuroTrack platform using semi-permanent, rechargeable battery devices, which lasts in excess of 12 months before recharge. The combination of geo-fences, proximity alerts, speeding and location data is only a couple of the tools the software platform offers in managing assets working in isolation within the vast waste lands of Libya. Sicuro is one of the most experienced tracking and communications providers in Libya, allowing companies to keep their coastal headquarters reliably connected to their team members in the interior.