Sicuro Group


Sicuro GroupBrief: A well know global removals company tasked Sicuro with scoping an IVMS-based solution to monitor and track their drivers within Egypt. Special requirements included alerts for:
1. Unnecessary and unauthorised trips
2. Minimising driver’s speeding and encouraging safe driving
3. Excessive speeding, harsh braking, over-revving and inappropriate driving behaviours.

Solution: Sicuro presented the client with an advanced functionality IVMS solution that was capable of reliably tracking all the vehicles movements in addition to recording driving data such as speeding, harsh breaking, seat belt use and a number of other driving behaviors. This data could then be easily exported from SicuroTrack to create a comprehensive driver behaviour profile that could be used to assess the company’s staff. Sicuro then installed several devices as a trial to allow the client to view the performance of the IVMS system and the SicuroTrack platform. As a result of the successful trials, Sicuro’s IVMS solution was chosen by the company and used for the tracking and monitoring of their entire Egypt-based fleet, consisting of some 200 vehicles.