Sicuro Group

Gulf of Aden – Maritime Tracking

Sicuro GroupBrief: One of the world’s largest dredging companies asked Sicuro to provide asset visibility for boats transiting the dangerous waters off East Africa and as far South as the Seychelles. The solution required a maritime device capable of long transits with no human interaction. These devices are used to mark assets that if required, would be cut lose in an emergency and later relocated using the transponder to guide the client's vessels to them. In addition, there was an urgent requirement to provide back-up satellite communications using Iridium handsets for passages through the more hazardous shipping lanes – namely the Horn of Africa.

Solution: Sicuro provided the client with Argus satellite tracking solutions, which operate on the Iridium constellation for pole-to-pole coverage and are waterproof, making them the perfect solution for such maritime operations. Sicuro was able to deliver these solution to the company rapidly with training conducted on the vessel for the crew.