Sicuro Group

Motorola and Codan Radio Solutions

Sicuro Group has a strong track record of offering robust, reliable and fit for purpose radio solutions to our clients throughout Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. We work in partnership with the most prestigious brands in radio communication, Motorola, Hytera and Codan, to enhance our total visibility and critical communications offerings to our clients.

Motorola and Codan Radio Solutions - Sicuro


As an official Motorola Channel Partner, Sicuro Group has in depth expertise in the design, installation and set-up of sophisticated UHF, VHF and TETRA radio networks. This includes the MotoTRBO digital range of portable, mobile, base station and repeater equipment. With all of our engineers qualified as Motorola Technical Associates, Sicuro Group possess the expertise to help clients get the most out of their radios and fully exploit the capability of new technologies including associated software. From simple analogue systems to complex, multi-site digital networks our knowledgeable staff are able to design a fit for purpose radio solution to best match your requirement. Our staff have experience of implementing radio solutions in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, often in volatile, post-conflict countries. Specialist solutions are available for the Oil and Gas industry including Intrinsically Safe (IS) and ATEX standard portable systems.

Our close partnership with Motorola means that our clients have peace of mind that all equipment and accessories supplied by Sicuro Group are genuine and backed by Motorola’s guarantee. We are also able to offer direct access to exclusive manufacturer buy back deals when these are available.


Sicuro Group has a strong track record of providing fit for purpose Hytera radio systems to both the oil and gas and private security industries. Sicuro Group has in depth expertise in the design, installation and set-up of sophisticated Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and TETRA radio networks and is also able to offer lower cost analogue equipment from Hytera for small or short term projects where budgets are constrained. The new generation of Hytera equipment is robust and technologically advanced and can provide a most cost effective solution to equivalent systems from other manufacturers whilst not compromising on performance.


Sicuro Group is also able to provide Codan HF radio equipment to clients requiring longer range HF communications. Again, all installation work is carried out by fully qualified, board certified engineers to ensure that each fit is of the highest standard. We are able to offer the full suite of Codan equipment, including specialist accessories such as stealth antennae for security, humanitarian, oilfield and mining operations

Working in partnership with Motorola, Hytera and Codan, Sicuro offers the following key advantages:

  • Design appropriate, cost effective solutions from simple PTT networks to complex digital repeater systems
  • On-site installation and scripting by trained Motorola Technical Associates and board certified engineers
  • Training of staff
  • Guaranteed genuine parts and accessories backed by manufacturers’ warranties
  • Competitive prices and cost effective services